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Our Story

Out of the Norm

After 30+ years of working in the healthcare arena, Bill and Tammy Jenkins found themselves longing to see deeper healing for the patients they cared for. While administering medicine and performing related duties for the ill was an admirable vocation, Bill and Tammy desired to discover the root of their patients' issues. They no longer wanted to suppress symptoms and illnesses but find the origin. They would then organize an individual designed path towards optimal health. Because of this concern for God's people, and the state they commonly are in, the two left their hospital and home-health jobs to create a haven for the sick to be holistically healed.

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A New Endeavour  
In 2001, Tammy and Bill began to study natural health as well as Biblical healing and in the fall of 2006 they opened Natural Health Center of the Rockies in Fort Collins, Colorado. Here, they began to find the amazing power our bodies have to heal naturally with the help of supplements and nutrition, as well as the active and very present interest Jesus Christ still has in healing His people. With healing prayer at their base, they have seen thousands delivered from severe diseases, allergies, and emotional traumas. After some time, they connected with others who saw this incredible work and had a desire to help them take natural care, emotional healing, and nutritional supplements around the globe.
Dreaming Ahead
In hopes to bring this incredible healing work across the world, not only to third world countries but also to the missionaries serving them, Bill and Tammy, along with the help of their board, birthed Cornerstone Restoration Ministries.
We know God has extravagant plans to activate optimal health for all people through this ministry. We are now looking ahead with big dreams in aims to stretch a hand to all who are malnourished, ill, and discouraged. 
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