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Where We're Going

With powerful testimony already shown evident through Cornerstone Restoration Ministries, we are challenged to dream bigger. We know all things are possible through Christ, so we look ahead with many dreams and visions, knowing they will be accomplished by faith and commitment.

Aiding Missionaries with Nutritional Supplements

We believe that as members of the body of Christ, we all play a role in mission work. Cornerstone Restoration Ministries provides a way to actively participate in missions through the physical, emotional, spiritual, and financial support of missionaries. We want to be able to send missionaries to do their work while remaining healthy. We can do this with the provision of pathogen-fighting supplements. We have already seen missionaries become and remain fully restored while in third-world countries because of their access to these herbal supplements.

*More information about this work can be found on the Testimony page

Training Missionaries to Provide Supplements

While we have many supplements and provisions to aid ailing individuals and poverty-stricken villages, we often are in search of those who feel called to missions and desire to bring this help to a specific people. Cornerstone Restoration Ministries trains and equips such missionaries to examine, evaluate, and administer these supplements so that they are able to travel with and provide them to regions all over the world.

Providing Missionaries with Holistic Support

Whether on the field or off, Cornerstone Restoration Ministries has been founded with a passion to be the helping hand towards the laborers of Christ. In partnership with Natural Health Center of the Rockies and Rocky Mountain Health and Performance, we desire to have the ability to bring all in need to the place of optimal health. 

Hosting Missionaries and Ministers

One of the biggest dreams Cornerstone Restoration Ministries holds is to provide ministers from around the world with a haven of health and rehabilitation. We have seen time and time again, God's laborers leaving their post due to burn-out, loneliness, lack of support, illness, and depression. We believe that every single one of these areas can be avoided and removed through prayer, support, encouragement, and guidance. We want to host a retreat center where ministers of the gospel can find refuge as well as receive counsel, emotional healing, deliverance, health education, rest, nutritional supplementation, and much more.

Educating and Partnering with Others

Cornerstone Restoration Ministries believes it is the heart of many to provide these areas of aid to missionaries and ministers. We desire to partner with other ministries, churches, and individuals to create even more of an impact and to dream bigger dreams. If you know of a ministry or individual with a similar vision or you yourself want to partner with us, please visit the What You Can Do page to connect with us.

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