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What You Can Do

There are so many ways to partner with us to see healing travel across the world. Below are provided a few ideas but please don't hesitate to offer us more.


Cornerstone Restoration Ministries is deeply and firmly grounded in prayer. We believe the only way to have a significant influence or impact upon this world is through the Lord’s help which comes by prayer. We ask that you would please partner by praying with us and for us for the supplements we administer and those we are helping. Miracles take place often here at CRM and are within an arm’s reach through your prayers.


In order to see the all of the dreams and visions of Cornerstone Restoration Ministries come to fruition, we need you to tell others! Many in the body of Christ are looking for a way to partner with a mission to see God’s people restored; they just need a connection/direction.


One passion of CRM is to connect with other ministries to send our help even farther. If you know of or have a team, a missionary, or an organization who would be interested in either receiving help, joining in the work, or partnering in any other way, we are more than thrilled to connect.


If you believe in this vision and have a passion for the mission, please consider giving. The only way CRM can continue in this effort is by the financial support of its donors. We are more than grateful for your willingness and obedience to the Lord.

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