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Srey Roth

"Photographed above is Srey Roth, she is one of the newest hires with Landmine Design (an organization focused on providing jobs for women in Cambodia) and is a natural leader for The Lord and her presence has already blessed the program and women greatly. She is the mother of four and their family was recently able to afford a water filtration system in their home and was given several bottles of ParAtak™ which she gives her children often - she said she has not only noticed a difference in her children but in herself as well with more energy and a stronger stomach. We're amazed by her poise and kind heart, and now truly beside ourselves in gratitude for her families access to clean water and ParAtak™!"

Som Kim

"In January, Som Kim came to work with a severely inflamed left arm. It was affecting her joints and her ability to work (turns out rolling paper beads is quite intricate handwork...) My gracious mother tested her as trained by your team and she was found with many of the symptoms of having parasites. She was given ParAtak™ for her and her family and instructed on its use and just a week later, the swelling and pain had completely vanished! Her neighbor was dealing with the same struggle in her left arm and Som Kim shared her story, provided her neighbor ParAtak™, and the swelling also vanished. 

Just look at the joy in her face above! All because of your products."


"On my second trip to Cambodia, I was in charge of doing sponsor updates for the children. It was on this trip that I saw a little girl that kept falling asleep standing against a wall. She looked absolutely expressionless. I asked the translator about her, and she asked her family, (which was an aunt that took care of her, and the aunt was about 12) and her aunt said she had been like that since she was born. She told us that they would find her sleeping in the dirt in the field where she would just collapse.

The next morning, while we were doing worship and bible study with the ladies in the village, I saw Noy, the little girl standing against the wall expressionless again, so I went and picked her up and held her while we sang. She fell asleep quickly as I held her, and I was praying over her and expressing the love I had formed for this little girl to the Lord and He so gently spoke to me and said, “you think you love her, imagine how much I love her.”  I began to pray over her that she would be healed, that God would touch her with His healing presence and that she would be healed.

When Noy woke up, I had my bottle of water with the ParAtak™ drops in it, and I gave the bottle of water to her. She happily agreed to drink it and the next morning when Kristie and I came out to the village, I spotted Noy in the field playing with other kids. I waved at her, and she came running to me with the biggest smile on her face and jumped in my arms! This was the very first time we ever saw her smile! Noy is now healed today and gets to finally play and enjoy her life as a beautiful little healthy girl."

Sharon Dunnigan

"It is within the mission work that I do that I have seen, first hand, the importance of the products formulated at Natural Health Center of the Rockies. We would not be able to travel and do mission work in 3rd world countries if we did not have these essential products to protect us while working in these environments. Because of these products, my family and I have never gotten sick while working in the mission fields, they truly are heaven sent. We have had the opportunity to share these products with various mission teams and they quickly became travel essentials for everyone who learned about the products.


I am forever grateful to the Jenkins family, Natural Health Center of the Rockies/ Rocky Mountain Health and Performance, and the incredible products they offer. It is through the use of these products that I am able to keep my family healthy while also keeping many others healthy through mission work. I believe this is just the beginning. These products have potential to touch so many families, in so many countries, around the world, and I’m so blessed to be apart of something like this."

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