Local Aid

As we partner with Natural Health Center of the Rockies and Rocky Mountain Health and Performance, in Fort Collins, Colorado, we make it our focus, locally, to treat those who are in need for little to no cost. Many patients, we provide care for are in preparation to enter the mission field. While they prepare financially, we hope to help them physically, spiritually, and emotionally prepare. With discounted supplements and visits, as well as nutritional education, we believe by the time they are sent into ministry, they will have the tools necessary to remain strong in ministry.

Health Evaluation
We do a comprehensive health evaluation using Natural Health Restoration Technique. This technique utilizes the nervous system of the body to identify stressors and root causes of symptoms.
Nutritional Education
We provide nutritional education and diverse individualized food plans based on metabolic testing.
Healing Prayer
We use intensive, targeted prayer based on our evaluation and watch as Jesus does the miraculous.
Herbal Supplementation
We use herbal, homeopathic and whole food supplementation as needed to assist the body in healing.
Emotional Care
We identify trapped emotions and spiritual strongholds through Natural Health Restoration Technique. We provide intensive prayer, guidance, and resources for empowering believers to live victorious abundant lives.
Spiritual Restoration
Our goal is that each precious individual lives in the fullness of their identity in Christ, comprehending and receiving His amazing, unconditional love for them and is then, empowered to fulfill their destiny, bringing heaven to earth and destroying the works of the enemy.
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